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The POWER of what YOU say!

Connect with people emotionally, be intentional in your communication, it makes a huge difference in all we do. Competing on a court, on a field, in a boardroom or in the kitchen with somebody you love.

Are You Willing to Think Big?

Do you think big about your life? What is your next big goal? We are at a critical period of time in 2018. One month into the calendar year, many people already start to pull away from the goals that they set for themselves. To Think Big, You Must Set Goals and Stick with Them […]

I Didn’t Want to, BUT I did! Keeping Fighting the Good Fight!

How are things going for you? Are there changes that you would like to make? How do you feel you are doing for the year thus far? With Fourth Quarter knocking at the door, these are important questions to consider. The future is not far off and there are things you can do today that […]