Intentional Leadership!

Welcome back to New Man, New Woman, New Week. I’m Ben Newman, and I am so fired up to be with you today to talk about intentional leadership.

Intentional Leadership

Who are the individuals that have made a difference for you in your life from the leadership perspective?

And, are you leading yourself with the daily disciplines and the intentional behaviors that it takes for you to perform at your very best?

The research that I’ve done on successful leaders from any walk of life shows a pretty consistent characteristic, and it’s all about intentional behavior. Great leaders are intentional in how they communicate. Great leaders are intentional with their daily disciplines that drive success personally, professionally, and they’re intentional in how they lead other people.

Example of Intentional Leadership

Here’s a great example.

I had the opportunity to go to speak to a Fortune 500 financial firm in Indianapolis, and I was working out with the managing partner of this financial firm, one of the offices of this financial firm. And we’re working out in the morning, and we’re talking. We’re talking about success. He was talking about vision. He was talking about purpose. He was talking about leaders in their office. He was talking about individuals in their office.

He was talking about team.

And then, this was amazing. I saw him taking notes during his workout, and I said to him, “So, what are you taking notes on?”, and he said, “Oh, let me give you an example.” He went back to the last day of December, the last day of 2013, and he says, “I track all of my performance in all of my workouts,” and he started to list, “This is how many calories I’ve burned this entire year. This is how many miles I ran this entire year. This is how many workouts I had this entire year.”

It was all about intentional behavior.

No wonder he was such a great leader, because he wasn’t just intentional in the office. Right? He wasn’t just showing up and saying, “I’ll be intentional here, but I’m going to eat poorly at home, and I’m not going to take care of myself, and I’m not going to be a leader in my personal life; it’s just in business.” I looked at him, and I said it just all came together for him, and that is so consistent with highly successful people that lead highly successful teams, highly successful companies. They are so intentional in their behavior.

Building Intentional Leadership

Here’s an easy lesson on intentional leadership.

Think of your daily behaviors.

Can you be more intentional?

Is there anything you can do in your life to increase your level of your consciousness and your focus to have more intentional behavior, not just professionally, but personally?

You don’t have to track your workouts. I’m not saying you have to do what this leader did. But are there areas in your life where you can choose to be more intentional to drive performance?

Not only will you lead yourself, but even if you don’t have the title of Managing Partner or CEO, you can be a leader too that will make a difference in your life.

I get so fired up to be with you to talk about all the great things we talk about in our time together. And until next week for New Man, New Woman, New Week, go do great things.

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