When will YOUR dreams become a reality?

BEN NEWMAN: Welcome back to NEWMAN NEWWOMAN NEWWEEK. I’m Ben Newman, and I am fired up to be with you today. I’ve got a question for you to kick things off.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “When are my dreams going to become a reality? When are my dreams finally going to become a reality?”

The answer: I don’ t know.

But I know in my life, and in the research of highly successful people, the hundreds of self-development books that I’ve read, autobiographies, the thousands of hours of research; the most successful people focus on the daily habits that drive success rather than the results that they can’t control.

  • They write their goals down.
  • They believe in themselves.
  • They believe that their dreams will become a reality over time
  • But, they’re not focused on when it happens.

They know that when they allow their daily discipline to the fuel for the vision, when they become relentlessly accountable to themselves to drive that daily behavior, great things will happen.

Don’t Worry About What’s Outside of Your Control

Don’t worry about when the dreams will become a reality for you, in your life, on your journey.

Identify the daily behaviors that will drive success.

Here’s an easy, short exercise for you: no matter what you do in your life, if you’re in the sports world like individuals that we work with; you’re in the business world; you’re a teacher, identify a time in your personal life or your career where you were performing at a high level. What did your daily disciplines look like?

Go back and analyze those daily disciplines. How did that reflect in your performance?

Oftentimes when people look at when they were driving performance at a high level, there was an enormous commitment and relentless accountability for their daily behaviors. Once you identify what those daily behaviors are, it becomes a choice for whether or not you’re going to choose to drive those behaviors on a daily basis.

It’s just like that concept: your prize fighter day we’ve talked about so many times with you. Focus on the daily disciplines personally, professionally, in your service to others, that you can drive in your life to have performed.

You want to know when your dreams will become a reality?

When you take time and step back, identify the daily activities that will lead to performance, and you just have an all-out surrender and commitment to giving it your best. One day, with that kind of commitment, you keep loading up your life with the fuel of those daily disciplines, your dreams will become a reality; and I can’t wait for you to share those stories with me.

That’s what fires me up, when I get emails of success stories based upon things we’re learning together. When people say, “You know what? I shared your video with a friend, and the friend got fired up, and here’s what they decided to do!” Share the videos. Share the stories with me.

Come join us on Twitter @ContinuedFight. I love staying connected with you to continue to be with you on your success journey. Just like we’re together every single Monday for NEWMAN NEWWOMAN NEWWEEK.

Until next week, go do great things.

When will YOUR dreams become a reality?

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