The importance of writing things down

BEN NEWMAN: Welcome back to NEWMAN NEWWOMAN NEWWEEK. I’m Ben Newman, and I am fired up to be with you today to talk about an easy, easy lesson!

The Importance of Writing Things Down

If you think of something creative, something that might make a difference, write it down.

Write it down!

I learned this from my mom. When my mom was passing away from a rare disease called amyloidosis, how did she capture her positive mental attitude to release it onto the world?

She had a journal. She was a teacher. It was an old blue Mead notebook like you used to have in school, and she would write down what was important to her, and I learned the greatest life lesson I’ve ever learned from anybody from that journal:

“it’s not how long you live; it’s how you choose to live your life.”

When you have creative ideas, when you have thoughts, capture them.

Write them down.

The Power of Writing Things Down

I’ll give you an example.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store, and you already had your list written down, and as soon as you’re getting ready to leave you said, “I need shampoo! I don’t need to write it down, it’s one item, I’ll remember the shampoo!” So you don’t write it on the list. You walk out the door. As soon as you get into the car you tell yourself shampoo! How would I forget the shampoo! You walk into the grocery store. You tell yourself, “Don’t forget the shampoo!” And then you’re walking around and you’re pushing your cart around, and you tell yourself, “Don’t forget the shampoo!” And then all of a sudden you go through, you’ve paid for your groceries, you have everything that’s on your list. You leave, you put your groceries into the car. You get home and you say, “How in the world did I forget the shampoo?”

Imagine powerful thoughts that lie inside of you that might make all the difference for the next incredible creative idea. Maybe it’s something you’re going to do for somebody else. Don’t allow yourself to forget. I’ve done that shampoo scenario so many times! Write it down! Keep a little notes section! Things that might make a difference in somebody else’s life, things that might make a difference in your life, capture the moment, because it may be part of what happens in your life for your dreams to become a reality. Simple messages wait for you. Write it down and capture it.

Until next week, and you know I’m going to bring the fire to you, come on back for NEWMAN NEWWOMAN NEWWEEK! Go do great things.

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