Let’s serve a BILLION people as a TEAM

Check. Check. Go do great things. Go do great things. Check. Check. Check. All right, here we go.

Welcome back to NEWMAN NEWWOMAN NEWWEEK. I’m Ben Newman, and you know I’m fired up to be with you today.

I Will Impact a Billion People in My Life

Today we’re talking about your energy, your fire, your passion, your purpose, your vision; and the reason why I want to talk to you about all of those things for you in your life is because at the end of this video today, I’m going to ask you for some help. I shared a video – not too long ago, you have to go back and find it – all about service of a billion people in my lifetime.

What I’ve recognized from all of these videos and all our time together each and every single week: people are sharing the videos; liking the videos; commenting on the videos. They’re making a difference, and people are starting to share the video with a friend, a loved one, a colleague, and what I recognized is we are all a team. We can accomplish so much more in our lives when we’re a team. You’re part of this mission.

I Will Serve a Billion People in My Life

You’re part of the billion. Every time you share, every time you like, it makes a difference in somebody else’s life. When you’re fired up in your life, when you have energy, when you have passion, when you connect to your purpose, think back to the time in your life, the last time you felt that way: totally on fire; totally energetic. How were your actions? Because I know that when you stay fired up about your vision with that energy and that passion, you will drive daily disciplines in your life to achieve your vision; and sometimes you have to ask for help.

So today is a really easy message. It’s a fast message. It’s a quick message. I’m saying for you on your journey, stay fired up. Stay energetic. Stay connected to the vision. Because then you’ll put the daily disciplines behind that vision to achieve dreams and to make a difference in people’s lives.

How You Can Help Serve a Billion People

So the help they ask? Share this video with one person. Share this video with one person that you uniquely care about because of the difference it might make in their lives, so they make the decision, just like you have, to be with us each and every single week. The decision will make in their life for them to choose to be fired up and energetic in their lives for their vision and their passion, so they can put their daily disciplines to work to make a difference in other people’s lives. Let’s go fight for that billion together.

You know I love being with you each and every single week for NEWMAN NEWWOMAN NEWWEEK. Until next time, go do great things!

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