Take the “Work” Out of Networking

Welcome back to New Man, New Woman, New Week.  I am fired up to be with you today.  And we’re going to put a little business flare on this today for you, okay?

We’re going to talk about networking.  But we’re going to talk about taking the work out of networking.

Now, New Man, New Woman, New Week, right, we leave that New Man in there, right?  I love leaving that New Man, and New Woman, New Week.

How to Take the “Work” Out of Networking

But networking, we’re taking the work out.  Why?

Because here’s what I believe happens with people when it comes to networking.  I’ve seen it hundreds upon hundreds of times with different actors.  When people go to networking events, their main focus is already on results that they want to achieve from attending that event, before they even meet anybody.

Think about that for a second.

You’re going to go to an event, you don’t even know who’s going to be there.  You could end up meeting a best friend.  You could end up meeting a new business partner, a colleague.  Who knows what’s going to happen?

Best Secret to Networking

So here’s the action step.

Forget about any results that will come from a networking event.  Forget about any results that could come from a business outing that you’re invited to.

Just focus on loving on people.

But here’s what you got to do: love on people.  The world needs more people to love on people.

So how do you take the work out of networking?

Show up to a networking event with an expectation and excitement to meet new people, to hear people’s stories.  Do you know how many amazing lessons of life I have learned from showing up to business events, going to conferences, going to seminars?  I’ve had the blessing of being able to speak all over the world, from Singapore, Costa Rica, to Canada, I mean, everywhere.

But what’s awesome about those opportunities is I go into those opportunities excited for new relationships, new people that I have the opportunity to meet.  And that’s where the real learning comes from.

Even if I’m brought in as the keynote speaker and I’m supposed to deliver the big bang of that meeting, I walk away learning so much from hearing other people’s stories.  And I think the more that you commit to your excitement to hear other people’s stories, that work in networking, it’s gone.  You talk about passion for the process, it’s about loving on people, getting excited to hear other people’s stories.


Forget about the results from a networking event.

Show up, have fun, get excited to hear other people’s stories.

And you know what I get excited for?  The stories of how these videos have impacted you, the comments that I’ve gotten, the Facebook messages that we get, the emails that we get.  That’s what drives me to keep bringing it to you every single Monday for New Man, New Woman, New Week.  Until next week, go do great things.

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