3 Ways to Recalibrate Your Mind and Succeed

Understand the Power of Mental Toughness

So, I tend to get really fired up when we start talking about mental toughness.

It is become one of those things that when I’ve seen individuals embrace mental toughness for their success in their lives, it lights their fire in a whole nother level. And we do a lot of work with individuals in the NFL, the PGA, NC double A Athletes.

So, whenever we start our work with an athlete, we always talk about the first rule of sports psychology. Now, you’re gonna see this may be applied directly to you

First Rule of Sports Psychology

This first rule of sport psychology is for an athlete to perform at their highest level, they cannot solely rely on their natural talents and abilities. They have to understand the mental toughness side of what it takes to achieve peak performance.

I always like to say that….

“Your success is not just about changing your habits. It is about changing the way that you think.”

It doesn’t just apply to an athlete where “yes you have natural talent” but you have to embrace this mental toughness tools. It applies to anybody in any business. Are your natural talents enough? Or would it help you? Would it benefit you to understand proven mental training tools that have been put to the test by individuals in the NFL, PGA, Fortune 500 companies, Fortune 100 financial firms all across the world would that benefit you to understand those training tools to achieve peak performance.

And, what we found in our work with individuals in financial services is that it makes a profound difference when we dive in these tools that can make difference to them.

Learn How to Reframe

One of my favorite mental training tools, let me start with one of my favorites. It is called the power to reframe.The most successful individuals, they focus on solutions not problems. I’m gonna repeat that, “the most successful individuals focus on solutions not problems.Think back to a time for you. In your business where you had face challenge. You had faced adversity. How did you respond?

Did you respond positively or did you respond by focusing on the negative?

Did that little voice in your shoulder had this long drawn out conversation with you about why you didn’t want to move forward? I would encourage everybody to think about what’s an action step for you the next time you face adversity that would keep you on the path to success.That’s what the power of reframe is all about about.

My mother actually battled a rare muscle disease called Amyloidosis when I was a young boy at seven years old.

And I remember when the Boston medical center would contact my mom, it would be her doctor, Dr. Martha Skinner. And Dr.Skinner would call in phone calls and say
“Janet, you need to come right to Boston. You’re gonna go through painful procedures. You’re gonna have to wear Jobst stocking around your legs to control the swelling.
You’re gonna have to wear a mask just to be able to go outside. And my mother would instantly hang up the phone and she would pick it right back up and her focus was on my brother and I. She was a single mom, divorced when I was 6 months old. And she would focus on how can I create a positive memory. She would call her boyfriend Allan and she would say. We’re taking the boys on a family trip.

If I’m going to Boston, we are all going to Boston. And I remember going candle stick bowling with my mom because she knew that we like bowling. I remember going to China town because she knew that we love Chinese food. My mother was focus on the solution. The moment she hung up the phone and picked it back up, She was embodying for us, our power to reframe in our lives. And if my mother was able to do that while Amyloids were eating away her muscles and taking her life, can’t we in the business reframe and focus on making another dial? And I know that’s tough stuff to hear. I’m not the only one with a story. I’m sure you have a story as well but the reality is where are you placing your focus. On a solution when you face adversity or you’re putting all your energy into that problem?

So one of the things that we actually talk about in your Mental Toughness playbook is that Power to Reframe. And it actually gives you ability to walk through a guide. An example. To start to recalibrate your brain, recalibrate your thinking.To focus on the solutions rather than problems in your life and success in your journey.

Stick to the Process

Well first of, you know, I know I’m being asked questions about my success. I really don’t like talking about my success. But I’m gonna talk about it because I want you to see how it applies for you in your life.

So, whenever I’m asked the question “What have I done to be successful?” I really believe that it comes down from having great mentors, a commitment to consistently wanting to learn as often as you can, reading great books and having an unbelievable team.

And understanding that there are things that I‘m not that great at and those are areas where I can bring people onto our team that are gonna help so that we can thrive and make an impact together.

So, the big critical piece to success when I look back on times when I’ve been knocked down, times when things were going well, we really have stuck to a PROCESS that drives success but we’ve also stayed very very cognizant of the fact that team is so important in driving success.

Define your daily disciplines which align with your goals and stick with them each and every single day!


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