The Amazing Science of Positivity

I am fired up to be with you today to talk to you about the science of positivity.

And, I’m going to tell you a story about a friend to really help you connect to the importance of having positivity in your life.

Science of Positivity

It’s really a story that I think is gonna resonate with you in your life, wherever you’re at right now, I think it’s gonna meet right where you are.

And, it’s a story about expectations in your life.

How important are expectations? Well, let me tell you. There’s a psychology principle called Expectancy Theory, that states the things which you choose to focus on expands.

So, think about this?

Are you living a life of positivity or negativity?

When’s the last time you were negative about something?

I get it, I’m positive, I bring the fire, but of course I get negative about things from time to time.

Those conversations don’t last that long with me, but of course I get negative just like you do.

When you get negative and you continue focus on the negative, the negativity grows. So, this story is about Expectancy Theory from a positive perspective, positive expectations, ‘cause when you focus on the positive, the positivity grows.

Great Example of the Expectancy Theory

So, here’s a friend of mine.

We reconnected on Facebook after 10 years of graduating high school. Unbelievable, the connection in terms of our hard wiring.

I mean, the things he was reading, the things he was talking about, he’s an incredibly positive guy!

And then, shortly after, he was hit with some negativity in his legal practice. And I’ve got to tell you, he called me, and we opened up, and there was some emotional times, and he shared what was going on in his life, tough times, like I’ve been through, and you’ve been through.

And here’s what’s interesting, I just encouraged him to focus on the things that were positive, to choose to be positive, to choose to focus on things that he could control.

Focus on What You Can Control

And here’s what’s amazing, not only did he choose to be more positive, he chose to make it a way of life.

His expectations changed. He chose to be positive in what he was eating, in his workouts, in his legal practice, and believing more in himself than other people on his team. It was a subtle little change, but the key is it was his choice.

So, it’s an easy message today.

If you feel like you’re going through a tough time, you feel like there’s negativity that’s striking you, it’s an easy choice.

If you choose to be negative, often times the negativity grows, and then we look around going, who’s throwing all this negativity at me?

Yet, when you choose to be positive, man, it’s unbelievable the great things that start happening. These team members, these people who are there to help you, you just feel better and more confident about yourself, and that’s what happened with my friend.

Now, I’ll tell you, personally, he went out and ended up running a half marathon. He wasn’t even a runner.

Professionally, in 2013, he ended up blowing by his huge financial goal. I’m talking big financial goal in seven months and reset the number.

Choose Positivity in Your Life

Choose to be positive in your life. When I’m done today being with you, easy; I just want you to think is there anything that you’re currently giving negative energy to, and can you replace that with some positive solution to combat the negative?

Let the Expectancy Theory take over in your life by letting positivity grow.

The Amazing Science of Positivity Ep: 22 Vol 1

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