How to Service Clients Like the Ritz Carlton

Welcome back to NewMan NewWoman NewWeek, and you know I’m fired up today to be with each and every one of you.  What’s firing me up today?  I just got finished speaking with the leaders of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

The Ritz-Carlton, the gold standard of service.  It was an incredible experience.  One of the things that was amazing for me — I’ve done a lot of events, I’ve spent a lot of time at Ritz-Carlton Hotels, I’ve felt their experience, I’ve felt the emotional engagement.  That’s what they call it, emotional engagement, that they drive with their clients.  They are all about their new mission of inspiring people for incredible memories on their life journeys.

  • They are detail oriented
  • They are process oriented

And, it was incredible.  I delivered a message.  We talked process.  We talked about team.

Three Common Attributes of Success

What are the three things that most successful teams do from our work with professional athletes, from our work with incredible teams in business?

There are three things that incredible teams do when they service other people, when they serve themselves, just like the Ritz-Carlton who’s all about service.

  1. Passion for the process
  2. They trust each other
  3. It’s all about legacy.

Legacy for the Ritz-Carlton, it’s all about the daily behaviors that drive greatness.  Each and every member of their teams throughout the entire hotel, they carry a credo.  The credo connects them to the purpose for why they are doing what they’re doing.  The connection to the legacy of luxury, the recognition that their work in the hotel goes well beyond, well beyond anything that has to do with them; it’s about the experience for the people spending time at the hotel.  And it’s the recognition that amazing things are going on in the hotel all the time.  It’s engagements, it’s promotions, it’s big celebrations for companies.

I love the service-based industry.  I love service.

Heck, think about your prize fighter day.  What can you do to serve people on a greater level in your life?

How much deeper can you get with emotional engagement?

I’ll give you a great book.  You’ve got the Ritz-Carlton, they are the example, they are the gold standard.  How about Shep Hyken, the customer service expert, the guy in the whole world — Shep has paid huge, huge dividends to me in my life with work as a mentor and a friend.  It’s people like Shep who serve, who understand customer service, that help people drive performance in their lives.  He’s got an incredible new book, “Amaze Every Customer Every Time”.  Incredible book.

Go check it out.  He did incredible research that talks about what you can do in your life to serve on a whole other level.

What Can You Do to Improve Your Customer Service?

It’s an easy lesson today, isn’t it?  It’s an easy, easy lesson.  What can you do to serve on a greater level?  We have the examples of the Ritz-Carlton.  We have the example of the Shep Hykens, but what can you do in your life to emotionally engage on a deeper level with people that you care about personally and professionally?

And, when you mirror that personal and that professional together, and you know your fire, you know your purposed, and you have a willingness to get after it in your life, the impact you have on other people will be in incredible.

You know I get so fired up to be with you each and every week for NewMan NewWoman NewWeek.  Catch up with us on Twitter @CONTINUEDFIGHT.  Follow us, subscribe, keep sending those comments.  It keeps my fire lit to serve you each and every week.  Until next, week, go do great things.




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