YOUR Mindset. Fixed vs. GROWTH

Welcome back to New Man New Woman New Week. I am Ben Newman and you know I am fired up to be with you today.

This is going to be a quick short video on lifelong learning with a recommendation for a book for you. It’s not a book I have written, I have written six books.

This is a recommendation of a book I read that was incredible that can make a difference for you, the name is Mindset by Carol Dwack.

For us to achieve greatness, we have to commit to lifelong learning. That means having mentors and coaches, working on ourselves, being honest with ourselves and reading books that will teach you to get to the next level. It confirmed a lot of the things we have been working on in our mental toughness training, but it talked about two kinds of mindsets, a fixed versus growth.

I will give you simple definitions.

The fixed mindset talks about the fact that there are individuals who believe here is where my success can go, I am going to stay right there.

A growth mindset is all about what can I do to get better. You have a big achievement , what can I do to get better, who can I surround myself with to keep growing, what can I do to keep growing?

When you feel like you have achieved you focus on getting better. When you feel you have achieved, you read that next great book, you go to the new mentor or coach, to go to the next level. What kind of a mindset do you have?

A fixed mindset, or do you believe every day regardless of the success or the challenges, you can continue to grow every single day. I am a big believer, I surround myself with individuals who have that growth mindset.

They are always working on themselves. What would happen if you adopted the growth mindset in your life? Check out Mindset by Carol Dwack. Until next week, that’s all I’ve got for you, lifelong learning. Continue to go do great things.

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