YOUR Approach to Fear?

Welcome back to New Man New Woman New Week. I am Ben Newman and you know I am fired up to be with you today. Today we are going to talk about something that may make you a little uncomfortable as soon as I say it.

Because I know that at some point in all of our lives in business, in your work, you face fear. Let’s talk about if you were in a sales career. Many people call it call reluctance, you look at the phone and you say, I am not picking up that phone. I don’t want to pick up the phone.

Why does call reluctance happen?

The scientific reasons why is that we have an insular cortex, which brings in everything from the outside. It gives your brains the ability to work with it, how are we going to respond?

The part of your brain that determines how you respond to the stuff that comes in, the person who says no, that is the medial prefrontal cortex. Mental toughness starts there. You choose how to respond to all the stuff that happens, All the challenges and all the good stuff. So how does this play with call reluctance?

It is easy.

What is the emotional trigger that you can set for yourself?

The next time you have call reluctance, it is not going to be hard, make the call. Make the call. That is it. It is that simple. Because the no’s you receive that it what will lead to yeses/. The obstacles we face are what present the opportunity. If you choose to stay fearful and have call reluctance, not take action on your fears, guess what, nothing is going to happen because you are not doing anything. If you choose to take action, and build up that mental toughness, muscle, how you choose to respond, just make the call.

Will you try that for me?

There will have been points in your life if you are in sales, or other careers and in life, whatever you are doing on a daily basis, where you didn’t have call reluctance. There have been times when your confidence was high and you just got after it. AS soon as you have call reluctance, reconnect back to the emotion of when you were confidence, remind yourself to make the call. To not make the call is a choice. To make the call is a choice. If you make the call, you give yourself a shot. Go back to those times you have been confident, you were making the calls, Giving the effort. Passionate about the process of what it takes to be successful. An easy message, if you have call reluctance, make the call. Go get after it in your life. Until next time, for New man, New Woman, new Week, go do great things.

YOUR Approach to Fear??? Episode 45

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