Welcome to “New Man, New Woman, New Week,” I’m Ben Newman, and I am fired up to be with you today.  Now here’s the deal, I’ve been receiving all these emails, “Why are you doing these free videos?  Why don’t you try to sell us something?”  Why do I need to sell you something when I’ve got all this passion for life and I want to just give it to you?  I want to inspire you.  I want you to think bigger in your life.  I want you to dream bigger than you ever thought possible, and then I want you to put the work behind it.  Why do I want to come and be with you every single Monday?  Because I’ve got this big vision, and I want to share this vision with you, not because you want to hear my vision, but because I want you to connect to your vision and your purpose.

So people will ask me, “What’s the big dream?  What’s the big goal?”  And here’s what I envision; I envision being about 72 years old.  I happen to like cigars, and I’m sitting on a beach with my beautiful wife Amy, and I’m drinking a glass of red wine, holding a cigar, big smile on my face, beautiful day, and here comes this little birdie down from Heaven, and this little birdie comes down and gives a little wink.  And it’s God that has sent this bird to wink at me, and the bird is really my mom sharing the story with me, the completion of serving a billion people.  That’s it; it’s what fires me up.  How can I stop fighting when I’m connected to serving a billion people in my lifetime?

So if you get fired up, share the video with somebody.  Even if I don’t know that you’ve shared the video, it’s part of the billion.  You see, that’s when you get connected to a purpose that’s way bigger than you, you won’t stop fighting in your life.  So what’s your purpose?  See, that’s my vision.  If I tell you “go out and serve a billion people,” it may not fire you up, but that fires me up.  That’s why we’re together every single Monday.  So what is it for you?  What lights your fire?  What are you passionate about?  What is your purpose?  What is your vision?  Have you identified yet?  For you in your life, where are you headed?  It is so important to recognize where you are headed.  Your daily behaviors are gonna drive the completion of your vision, but you have to have that vision.  You have to know what you’re fighting for.

I get fired up to talk about purpose, and it’s gonna fire me up more when I get these emails that I’ve been getting every single week with the action steps and people following through, and people connecting on Facebook, and people connecting on LinkedIn, and people connecting on Twitter with these stories that they’re making changes through the inspiration.  Change your thinking, change your habits, connect to the purpose, and just keep getting after it, and have fun on your journey.

I can’t wait for next Monday.  This is “New Man, New Woman, New Week,” go do great things.

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