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Boston Strong

We, as Americans, have all come together once again to support one of our cities that has been assaulted by terrorism. Once again, Americans have risen up and with power, perseverance and resiliency the city of Boston has shown the world that we can choose how we respond to hatred and violence. When we respond […]

Fight the Good Fight is a must read

“Fight the Good Fight is a must read. It’s a belly punch of inspiration and creativity. You will go 12 rounds with this book and along the way you will be reminded of the importance of family, perseverance, and solid procedural habits in our lives. If you implement only part of what this book offers, […]

Balancing Act: The Relationship Quotient and The Education Quotient

Successful selling requires a bit of a balancing act. Consider the balance between the Relationship Quotient (RQ) and the Education Quotient (EQ). Understanding how the RQ (the connection you establish between yourself and your client/prospect), works with the EQ (how you present your product or service so that your client can make an informed decision), […]