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Brian Nabavi, Unapologetic authenticity.

In the spirit of Christmas we’re bringing YOU this weeks episode a few days early and it has some Christmas fire! 🔥  @briannabavi is a entrepeneur on FIRE with an incredible story and extremely powerful BURN.   HE is the founder of @tilyoucollapse and @vitalmindscbd and  was one of the founding members of the @aretesyndicate.  We […]

Mike Lee, Making the Shift towards Mindfulness and what it can do for YOU.

This week on The Burn Podcast we have Mike Lee @whoismikelee, Founder of Mindshift Labs and Thrive3 basketball training company. *Get one of my most popular daily activity courses for free, * Mike is making a big splash in the performance coaching arena drawing from the latest neuroscience research, basketball, and his own personal […]

The Best of Season 2

Highlights from the Burn Podcast season 2! Each year we like to create a roundup episode of some of the best moments from throughout the year. Each episode is very special to me and hopefully some of these excerpts we pulled for the roundup episode will inspire YOU to go back and watch some of […]

Vaughn Kohler, Rise Up to the Challenge

***Get my free daily habit training here*** This week I wanted to revisit a conversation I had with @vaughnkohler back in season 1 of #TheBurnPodcast. I have found myself focusing on something Vaughn and I discussed… RISING UP TO THE CHALLENGE. I want YOU to really focus on what YOU are saying in YOUR life… […]

Why we should practice gratitude.

***Get my free daily habit training here*** This being the week of thanksgiving I wanted to take a moment to say thank YOU. Thank YOU to those who keep fighting. Through the turmoil… Past the uncertainty… Beyond the obstacles… We’ve all faced an amount of challenge this year that no one really expected. And yet […]

Jordan Montgomery, Complete Ownership.

Get my Free Daily Routine Builder: When life gives us obstacles we have two choices… 1. We can let those challenges provide the “reasons” for why something didn’t work or why the world was against YOU… Or 2. We can step into that same problem with ownership and keep pressing on. Operating with a […]

The Burn “UNSCRIPTED” with “Tiny” Gilliam

Get YOUR free Daily routine course here: Sometimes you just have to keep the cameras rolling and I’m sure glad we did! If you watched the previous episode of The Burn Podcast with Matt Tetrault from last week, you might recognize this setting. Immediately after recording that episode, one of Wanzek’s employee’s nicknamed “Tiny”, […]

The Truth about Leadership with Matt Tetrault, VP of Wind Construction, Wanzek Construction

“What kind of leader would I be if I didn’t welcome feedback?” – Matt Tetrault This past month I was fortunate enough to come work with the Wanzek Construction team on a few site visits. I was able to pull the Vice President of Wind Construction and Services, Matt Tetrault, away for a few moments […]

Shyheim Carter- Playing at Alabama and moving on to the NFL

Shyheim Carter, Alabama Football Alum, and recent Atlanta Falcon signee, LIVES that “empty the tank” mindset. A man dedicated to the game, his family, and leaving a legacy…Take a dive into Shyheim’s BURN this week on the #TheBurnPodcast. So proud of YOU @christmas__5 🔥🔥🔥 Full episode live on IGTV, Youtube, and all podcast platforms. **Learn […]