Strategic Life Coach | Mentor | Top 5% Financial Advisor | Keynote Speaker






Jeremy Patty is a passionate strategic life coach who empowers people to enjoy a full and abundant life through coaching, planning, encouragement, and accountability. He believes mankind was created with infinite value, a powerful purpose, and potential to live a life without limits.

Jeremy inspires people to live from their significance in their personal life, family life, and business practices. For many years, Jeremy has been helping people close the gap between their present-day reality and their most desired future in every area of their life.

He spent 10 years as a highly successful Financial Advisor (Top 5%) and Managing Director with a FORTUNE 100 financial firm.

At age 25, he was one of the youngest Managing Directors in their 150-year history. He spent countless hours coaching clients and financial advisors not only to achieve their personal and professional dreams but also to enjoy the journey while encouraging them to be the best version of themselves.

In the process of building his multi million-dollar insurance and investment venture, and helping other advisors to do the same, Jeremy recognized there was more to life.

That while certain principles he had applied to his life accelerated his success in business, the pursuit of chasing success detached from his created value, purpose, and significance was a vain and fleeting endeavor.

In 2009, Jeremy followed his passion to love and serve people by pursuing a Master’s Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas.

He also served as a pastor for a large church with nearly 10,000 weekly attendees. Jeremy was responsible for overseeing small groups through coaching, counseling, and consulting. During that season, he also developed a coaching system to discover, develop and deploy leaders to coach other groups, couples, and individuals through life’s challenges and circumstances.

Jeremy loves to encourage and equip other missionaries and has led or participated in several short-term mission trips around the globe, including Africa, Cuba, and Haiti.

Jeremy and his wife Mindi have been married over 15 years and have two daughters, one son, and one dog. They love God, their family, building relationships, traveling, reading, sporting events and spending time together.

Jeremy also enjoys making time for outdoor activities, working out, reading, fishing, good coffee, and, above all, living and laughing with his family and friends.