What I learned doing Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard Program.

I was wrong.

I thought I was giving it ALL I had.

Every day, every rep, every speaking engagement or coaching session. I had been locked in. ( So I thought)

Then I thought to myself, what if i’m at that moment right now… that moment where David Goggins says, “when you think you’re giving YOUR best, you’re really only operating at about 40% of your capacity”.

At that moment I challenged myself and created an environment that I knew would push me to see if it really was true. I committed to #75Hard.

I set it up so that I would finish the 75 days on my mothers birthday (September 18th) so I knew that would keep me pushing on the days when I didn’t feel like it.

I had several breakthroughs during those 75 days and I talk about them on this weeks episode of #TheBurnPodcast. (Plus I’ve got a little challenge for YOU)

I want to thank my brother @andyfrisella for the inspiration and push to take his #75Hard challenge and we are not done here.

You can watch the full episode here, but if you head over to Youtube we’ve timestamped the different parts of the video so YOU can easily get to my challenge for YOU.




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