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This video series is about “The BURN🔥” inside of YOU.

This is a behind the scenes series like never before filmed to take YOU into the minds of the greatest champions in sports and business in the world.

This is not about their championships and accolades. It’s about their mindset that causes them to fight on a different level. Every week their stories will connect YOU deeper to “The BURN🔥” inside of YOU that will drive YOUR greatest levels of performance.


ABC’s The Morning Blend Las Vegas interview with Ben Newman

ABC's The Morning Blend Las Vegas ABC’s The Morning Blend Las Vegas interview with Ben Newman. The road to success is challenging for anyone, and co-author Ben Newman, along with Dr. Justin B. Short have a new book called “Pocket Truths for Success: 365 Daily Principles to Become the Most Successful Person You Know” to […]

Own YOUR Success: The Power to Choose Greatness in the Top 25 – What corporate America is reading 2012

Thanks to all the amazing support for my latest book, Own YOUR Success: The Power to Choose Greatness and Make Every Day Victorious is now a Business Best Seller! I hope that as you are inspired, you will continue to share the message of this positive, modern day fable with others looking to break through […]

Matthew Missimer

“I met Ben back in March, 2009. I knew instantly that he was a sincere man with a passion for excellence and had the mind of a champion. At first we were acquaintances through our company and then became friends. After Boot Camp, Ben is now an advocate who I look to for guidance and […]

Fight the Good Fight is a must read

“Fight the Good Fight is a must read. It’s a belly punch of inspiration and creativity. You will go 12 rounds with this book and along the way you will be reminded of the importance of family, perseverance, and solid procedural habits in our lives. If you implement only part of what this book offers, […]

John O’Leary

“As a professional speaker I have shared the platform with hundreds of speakers. Never have I felt as moved, compelled to act, and prepared to move forward with actionable lessons than with Ben Newman. His conviction is contagious and his message is trans-formative.” John O’Leary President & CEO