This video series is about “The BURN🔥” inside of YOU.

This is a behind the scenes series like never before filmed to take YOU into the minds of the greatest champions in sports and business in the world.

This is not about their championships and accolades. It’s about their mindset that causes them to fight on a different level. Every week their stories will connect YOU deeper to “The BURN🔥” inside of YOU that will drive YOUR greatest levels of performance.


Shyheim Carter- Playing at Alabama and moving on to the NFL

Shyheim Carter, Alabama Football Alum, and recent Atlanta Falcon signee, LIVES that “empty the tank” mindset. A man dedicated to the game, his family, and leaving a legacy…Take a dive into Shyheim’s BURN this week on the #TheBurnPodcast. So proud of YOU @christmas__5 🔥🔥🔥 Full episode live on IGTV, Youtube, and all podcast platforms. **Learn […]

“Two Coaches in a Benz” – Frequently asked questions answered by two performance coaches.

So excited to bring you this RAW conversation between @alansteinjr and I from when he visited St. Louis. Alan and I dive into some of the top questions we get asked as a performance coach and some of our philosophies on those questions. This was a ton of fun and I’m glad my man Grant […]

Brian Roberts, CEO Synergy Wealth Solutions | Developing the Leader within You

On this weeks episode of the podcast we dive into how to keep the important things important, clarifying YOUR burn, and what it means to be a true leader. I have known Brian Roberts for over 15 years now, and he inspires ME as a leader, a father, and a husband and I’m excited for […]

What I learned doing Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard Program.

I was wrong. I thought I was giving it ALL I had. Every day, every rep, every speaking engagement or coaching session. I had been locked in. ( So I thought) Then I thought to myself, what if i’m at that moment right now… that moment where David Goggins says, “when you think you’re giving […]

Austin Hatch, 1 in Quadrillion Odds Survivor

1 in 11 Quadrillion odds.   Every once in a while we come across those people that have such an immeasurable impact on us its hard to put into words.   This week’s guest on the podcast, Austin Hatch, has done that for me.   To do the story justice I will let you listen […]

Aaron Golub, First Legally Blind College Football Player

Too often people let their adversity or a set back determine their story.  Aaron Golub is one of the most inspiring examples of someone embracing their adversity and attacking it head on.  Aaron was born legally blind.   He has no vision in his right eye and extremely limited vision in his left.  This week on […]

Podcast Best Moments – NFL Edition

As the NFL kicks off this week, we felt it fitting to put together the best moments from players and coaches within the NFL on the podcast. Huge thank you to each and every single guest who’s made the time to sit down and open up about their BURN for the show. If you’ve just […]

Surviving the Boston Marathon Bombing, Rebekah Gregory

In April 2013, two homemade bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Among those injured by the first bomb was Rebekah Gregory. She had just minutes before placed her 5 year old son onto her feet so he could rest. When the explosion happened 3 feet from her and her son, she […]

Dylan Slattery, 1% Chance is All You Need

I want YOU to meet Dylan Slattery.  Most people at age 22 are thinking about graduating college, their first full-time job, and making plans for next weekend.  The year Dylan turned 22, he was battling depression, diagnosed with melanoma for the first time, and was involved in a car accident in which he lost a […]

Rob Victor, Using your competitive nature to build a legacy

This weeks episode of #TheBurnPodcast is LIVE.  We sit down with my long time friend Rob Victor of Foster Victor Wealth Advisors.  I have worked with Rob and his partner Paul on their planning for the last couple years and watched them have INCREDIBLE growth and success in their business.  I have been inspired by […]