This video series is about “The BURN🔥” inside of YOU.

This is a behind the scenes series like never before filmed to take YOU into the minds of the greatest champions in sports and business in the world.

This is not about their championships and accolades. It’s about their mindset that causes them to fight on a different level. Every week their stories will connect YOU deeper to “The BURN🔥” inside of YOU that will drive YOUR greatest levels of performance.


Own YOUR Success: The Power to Choose Greatness in the Top 25 – What corporate America is reading 2012

Thanks to all the amazing support for my latest book, Own YOUR Success: The Power to Choose Greatness and Make Every Day Victorious is now a Business Best Seller! I hope that as you are inspired, you will continue to share the message of this positive, modern day fable with others looking to break through […]

Ego is I. Team is We.

Most business people understand the concept of leverage in a financial sense. Leverage, however is about more than money. It is about making the best use of your time and talents by trusting the people around you, rather than micromanaging. Have you ever done something you could have delegated because you were afraid “it wouldn’t […]

Good Morning America Local Feature for “Own Your Success”

Ben Newman Financial Advisor Coach MDRT Top of the Table

Ben Newman is a St. Louis native with a powerful message about what it means to do great things. He believes in the concept of a “living legacy,” and through his numerous books and speaking programs has shared the story of his mother, Janet Newman. She passed away when Ben was a young boy, but […]

The Power to Use Trials to WIN

Author: Aeneas Williams Conventional wisdom says everybody loves a winner, but the truth is more complex than that. Look around… it’s easy to find people who are willing to win at any cost or who are portrayed as winners for no particular achievement. What does it really mean to win? My NFL career started strong […]

I Didn’t Want to, BUT I did! Keeping Fighting the Good Fight!

How are things going for you? Are there changes that you would like to make? How do you feel you are doing for the year thus far? With Fourth Quarter knocking at the door, these are important questions to consider. The future is not far off and there are things you can do today that […]