The Burn with Ben Newman: Episode 3 with Will Compton

Will Compton NFL Linebacker Podcast Host Bussin with the Boys

NFL Linebacker, Will Compton opens up about the burn in his life that has helped his success as a linebacker in the NFL for the last 6 seasons.

Compton shares his perspective of overcoming challenges with an “underdog” mentality.

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Full Interview with Will Compton and Ben Newman

Intro-Will Compton:   It’s that thought of people doubting.  It’d be like layin’ in bed at night and stuff just keeps you up because you’re thinking of stuff that just – you want to accomplish so bad.  Because you know what you’re capable of, right?  (Opening music)

Ben Newman: Welcome to another episode of The Burn.  I got this big smile on my face because I don’t even know if the two of us can keep it serious to even get through this.  So, Will Compton Compton and I have known each other since 2013.  We became Twitter buddies.  We got connect before right when he signed his undrafted free agent contract with the Redskins.  And you guys know how this show goes.  We’re not talking about athletes.  We’re not talking about championships.  We’re not talking about his football career and all.  We’re talkin’ about the burn.  And what I want to try to attempt him to do, ‘cause it’s almost like sometimes he wants to give me trouble and not the answer what I’m looking for, is to help us better understand.  Like, when I say the burn and you think about having the sports hernia when you were in college and, like, what caused you to go and run your fastest 40 time ever?  What is that underlying burn that caused you to say, you know what?  You can tell me I’m an undrafted guy, but I’m gonna show up and take people’s jobs.  Like, what has been that purpose, that burn?  Like, what’s caused you to just do the things that you’ve done?

Will Compton: Yeah.  For me, man, it really comes from, like, an underdog perspective.  Like, you talk about the sport hernia and the stuff where I’m thinking about back when I was undrafted, trying to make a team and stuff like that.  It’s that thought of people doubting.  It’s be like layin’ in bed at night and stuff just keeps you up because you’re thinking of stuff that just – you want accomplish so bad.  Because you know what you’re capable of, right?  And knowing that I’ve been doubted, especially, like, say at the beginning of my career and even now, like, I’m a free agent right now.

Like, I’m a lot about my transition with football more so than just making a team and being on a team, like, I know what I can bring to the football field.  But now I have this idea that keeps me up at night, like, I’m gonna have to transition.  That’s gonna happen no matter what.  It’s inevitable and it keeps me up knowing, like, it’s not like anybody says this stuff, but I just have this idea in my mind, that chip on your shoulder so to speak, of people thinking that football players are an athlete or are in a box.  You know, once football runs out, like, I hope you saved your money and me knowing in my mind what I’ve done with that avenue and trying to find something else.  Because I know what I can bring to the table value wise.  It all stems around that underdog mentality of people doubting and you just know what you can bring to the table.  That kind of stuff just always keeps me up and I’m always trying to find ways to tap into my potential.  And also as I’m doing that and once I’m doing that, taking that value and putting into, say, whether it’s my teammates or just other people’s lives, I guess.  I mean, that‘s what I think when you ask that question.

Ben Newman: So, one thing I think about when I hear you talk about this, I think about the hamstring injury that you had, right?  You talk about underdog, you think about, like, when I was at that first training camp.  You’re literally playing on a torn hamstring.  I mean, you talk about people are making excuses in their lives why they can’t do something.  You talk about literally not just the burden of something’s hard.  You literally had a physical burn, like, your body couldn’t do you and you fought through that.  And I told you on the phone, so I’m gonna share something personal here.  I told you on the phone recently, see, I’m the big brother so you can get mad at me if you want.

Will Compton: Are we allowed to share something like this?

Ben Newman: I shared with you on the phone that because of all the stuff you’ve always fought through, no matter what you decide to do off the football field you’ll take that same energy, burn, passion.  You’ll do it.  So what I’d love to hear is, like, one thing that’s fun and, obviously, we’re kind of right in the mix of it now in here, in Nashville…

Will Compton: Yeah.

Ben Newman: …like, you, Taylor Lewan, like, tell us a little bit about what you guys are doin’ and how you’re gonna take that burn, that belief and just go do things that are different from what people have seen.

Will Compton: Yeah.  So, we’re coming out with a podcast and we think we’ve finally agreed on a title, Bussin’ with the Boys.  We have this scrap yard lookin’ buss.  It’s, like, NasCar themed with like Dale Eearnheart Jr. we just gutted, put a lot of quality into it, thanks to Taylor.  But, Bussin’ with the Boys and it’s like we’ve had this idea of wanting to do a podcast together, and me, personally, I love podcasting and I was kind of, like, nervous, I guess, years prior.  You’ve known I’ve wanted to do a podcast for a while or think about something I can do.  But you always kind of think about what people might think and how that kind of stand in the way of stuff.  And this past year, when I was with the Titans, and a couple of teammates of mine they’d cross me cross me in the training room or in the locker room or something, like, well, you should have a podcast, like, why don’t you have a podcast yet?  And it’s like that’s like the affirmation I needed to know that I just need a – am I allowed to cuss on here?

Ben Newman: You can do whatever you want.

Will Compton: I was thinking about it.

Ben Newman: You never listen to anything I say.

Will Compton: I know I’m not.  I was, like, man, I need to do this thing, man.  Like, I need to stop worrying about, like, letting those insecurities, like, stand in the way of something I want to do.  And so, I was getting really super into the idea.  Taylor was super into the idea.  And so we kind of came up with the idea of us doing a podcast.  Sitting down with different people, getting into their stories, and doing it with our sense of humor, our personalities and now I’m layin’ in the bed thinking how can we make this more of like a channel or a platform for guys that once athletes or teammates or people see us doing this or we’re getting a text, like, hey, Comp, you know, how have you went about this thing?  How could I potentially get involved or could I potentially do my own podcast?

Like, because there’s not a lot of active guys or active athletes that have their own platform or they use their platforms for stuff like podcasting or stuff with video content.  And, you know that’s the kind of stuff we sit around and think about, like, doing this podcast, having a blast and then I start just rambling on with different ideas.  How can this be a huge thing and how can it give value and not necessarily in just a listening perspective, but, you know, how can we inspire guys to want to do the same thing or to duplicate the same process?

Ben Newman: Yeah.  And, see, this is why I get excited for what your future holds ‘cause you don’t give yourself enough credit sometimes, right, in some of these conversations that we have, but what you did as a undrafted free agent, fighting the odds, fighting the injuries, doin’ all these things you’ve always had that underdog perspective.  And the answer that you just gave, I think, is what inspires people and that this isn’t just a podcast.  You’re gonna do it the right way.  You’re gonna inspire other players.  Because, unfortunately, in the NFL there’s too many guys whose great stories aren’t heard and…

Will Compton: Yeah.

Ben Newman: …you’re one of those stories who – you want inspiration.  You want to do bigger things.  You’ve done the camps off the field.  So, I’ve always love that about you.  I think that’s why we’re so close ‘cause you have this burn, this fire to continue to do big things and…

Will Compton: Yeah.

Ben Newman: …I can’t wait to see what you do off the field regardless of what happens in free agency.  So, I love you, man.  I believe in you and I know that burn’s gonna take you wherever you want to go.

Will Compton: I appreciate that, man.  Thank you.

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