The Burn with Ben Newman: Episode 19 with Taylor Lewan

Taylor Lewan interview with Ben Newman The Burn

Full Interview with Taylor Lewan and Ben Newman

Intro-Taylor Lewan:   When people want to be successful they say you need to be obsessed with things and I think that’s absolutely true.  Anything that is worth fighting for, you need to be obsessed about.  (Opening music)

Ben Newman: Welcome back to The Burn.  Now, your guys are lookin’ at is a different setting for The Burn.  We are actually here.  We just got done filmin’ Bussin’ with the Boys.  We got my guys, Will Compton, you know him from Episode two.  We got Taylor Lewan Lewan.  Now, I’m just excited that Taylor Lewan actually sat on set with me.  He didn’t kick me off his show ‘cause…

Taylor Lewan: No.

Ben Newman: …because I went to Michigan State.

Taylor Lewan: No, unfortunately.  Unfortunate.

Ben Newman: Don’t get started yet.

Taylor Lewan: Okay.

Ben Newman: Don’t get started yet.

Taylor Lewan: You’re right.  You’re right.

Ben Newman: So this show is all about the burn.  And, you know, we could talk about three pro bowls.  We could talk about his first round draft status.  All these things are so significant, that’s not what The Burn is about.  The Burn is about that underlying fire that lies inside of somebody when you get the doubters, when you get the haters, when you get the people who say man, you can’t do this.

Taylor Lewan: Mm-hm.

Ben Newman: You know the stories that you shared about, man, my first year they were calling for my head.  And you fought through it which has led to your wife, led to your daughter…

Taylor Lewan: Mm-hm.

Ben Newman: …all these things.  I want to know from you, what is that fire?  What is it that you turn to?  What is it that you think about on those days, man, where those doubters are comin’ at you, the haters are comin’ at you, and you know you got to pull it together for yourself and for your teammates?

Taylor Lewan: You know, when I think about the burn, it’s not just one thing I think that truly motivates me.  I think there’s a lot of surrounding factors there, but the biggest thing that really comes to my head, my first initial reaction is always my family.  I have the best wife in the entire world.  I have the best little girl, The Bean.  She’s…

Ben Newman: Bean!

Taylor Lewan: …the best.  And anytime I’ve hated – it’s really important for y’all to know.  First off, if you have haters, then you’re obviously doing something right.  All right?  ‘Cause…

Ben Newman: No Doubt.  You know?

Taylor Lewan: ….no one’s ever gonna…

Ben Newman: There you go.

Taylor Lewan: …tweet at somebody that they don’t give a shit about, right?  So, it’s important.  That’s always a compliment whether they’re saying mean things about you or nice things about you.  At least they’re talking about you.  So, it’s always a good thing, but my burn is definitely my family and how they’ve always had my back.  And I talk about all the time, my wife, you know, the minute I met her I made three pro bowls in a row and she motivates me every single day to be a great person.  And she challenges me so much to do my self-work, to work on myself and every day be, you know, more spiritually sound and stronger for those, you know, whether it’s for my family or for football or any of those things.  So, the burn runs deep, man, runs really deep and there’s a lot of other things, but the main thing is definitely my family.

Ben Newman: So, in doin’ our episode of Bussin’ with the Boys…

Taylor Lewan: Mm-hm.

Ben Newman: …you mentioned something and you hit me with some stuff, the reading, the deepness, the motivational stuff that, man, it showed me a whole different side that I thought was absolutely awesome about you, but you gave the analogy of the garden.

Taylor Lewan: Yeah.

Ben Newman: And you think about the little things.  You meet your wife.  You go make three pro bowls, but she shook you up a little bit getting you to think differently.  So tell us about that garden.

Taylor Lewan: Well, I think when people want to be successful they say you need to be obsessed with things and I think that’s absolutely true.  Anything that is worth fighting for, you need to be obsessed about, but it’s also about being obsessed from a more diverse standpoint.  So it’s not just I need to focus so much on being successful in football, I got to make sure my weight are here, I got to lift this, I got to run this far, it’s also, you know, being obsessed about being a good person.  Being a good father, being a good husband and me being a good friend.  And the more you water all those plants, we talk about the garden, you water all of these plants and if you excluded one, well, that dying plant is going to hurt the rest of those plants in your garden.  So, it’s important to make sure you stay in and stay on those checks and balances, and making sure that you know everything’s being watered and taken care of in every part of your life.  ‘Cause if you’re, you know, if you’re social life or your family life is not going well, a lot of times that’s gonna pull a lot from the thing that you want to be successful in like football.  It’s just so easy to kind of see and grasp at, but the more you, yeah, the more you water those things, the better it’s always going to be for sure.

Ben Newman: So I know hearing you talk about family, talking about your daughter, talking about working hard, being obsessed, but also teamwork is important to you…

Taylor Lewan: Yeah.

Ben Newman: …and relationships.  And so, a lot of people hear this for the boys, but what I think about was that point in the season where were started seeing this on social media.

Taylor Lewan: Yeah.

Ben Newman: Right?  I mean, the reason why we’re bussin’ with the boys right now and I appreciated you guys having me on, and now we’re doing this.  The reason why is because the two of you decided, man, we got to have something to get this team to dig a little bit deeper and that’s a little bit of a burn, right?  That’s almost like a team burn.

Will:               Yeah.

Ben Newman: So I want to hear from the two of you guys, right, what is this for the boys mean to you guys?  ‘Cause I know relationships is important and it’s a little deeper…

Taylor Lewan: Mm-hm.

Ben Newman: …than just a saying.

Will:               Well, I know it at the beginning of it, it really wasn’t anything other than we’d walked into the hot tube before practice, getting all warmed, everything and we’d just say  the boys…

Taylor Lewan: The boys!

Will:               …and people, you know, slowly but surely would start, you know, call/recall kind of stuff.  We would say something, say it back and it just kind of start snowballing.  We went on a little bit of a run in the early middle of the season and people were really starting to buy into the boys.  So, I think now what it’s really turned into is it’s kind of like a culture.  Like, you’re for the boys.  You’re either with us or you’re against us.  And it’s not a team thing, it’s everybody involved.  Anybody who wants to say for the boys, like, it just – it’s kind of having a group.  Having something you can bond with and kind of, you know, admire and look with, and it’s a cool little entity.

Taylor Lewan: Yeah.  I would think, like we were talking about earlier, you don’t necessarily know, like, what you’re doing when you’re doing it.  Like, we were just kind of, you know, obnoxiously yellin’ the boys, like, for the boys.  Like, hey, we’re gonna get through this training camp day for the boys.  Like, hey, we’re doin’ it for the boys, this, that, the other.  We’re yellin’ it during games, before games, and it starts to catch on and catch a little heat.  And it’s kind of like, yo.  It was pretty dope that everybody’s yellin’, like, for the boys, like they’re for the boys.  You’re either for ‘em or against ‘em, l.ike he was sayin’.  And, again, you don’t quite know what you’re doing when you’re doing it, but now that’s it’s kind of became this culture, this kind of identity with just being like, yeah, we’re for the fuckin’ or, you know, this is your show.  I apologize for cursing.

Ben Newman: No, you can curse.

Taylor Lewan: For the boys…

Ben Newman: Only you.

Taylor Lewan: …it’s just really cool to see.  Because, again, it’s, like, yeah, I guess we started yelling it, but knowing that everybody was buying in and, like, having fun with it that’s kind of when you get the result from it that you do.  ‘Cause it’s not like – we could yell it all day but nobody does it because we’re some pricks.  Like, knowing that the team bought on with it and that everybody else was onboard with it, that’s where you kind of roll with it, get that momentum, and kind of create a culture other than just yelling the boys all the time.

Will:               Mm-hm.

Ben Newman: Well, you know how much I appreciate you, brother.  And this is the…

Taylor Lewan: Yes.  Please don’t talk about it again.

Ben Newman: …but this is about the third or fourth time we’ve had the opportunity to meet, but the first time I’ve really been able to get inside and understand, you know, your head and your heart, and the fire that lies inside of you.  And I know your best chapters are yet to come, but, man, seein’ your eyes change when you talk about your daughter and go this season make it different.  Go beat down that door of your legacy.  Keep doin’ it one day at a time and thanks for your sharin’ the burn with our listeners.  And for everybody, you’ve got to go check out Bussin’ with the Boys.  I mean, the Vrabel episode, the Froning episode, the Delanie Walker episode, man, you guys go check it out because it is one of the hottest podcasts going right now.  Make sure to go check out the boys.

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