The Burn with Ben Newman: Episode 2 with Andy Dane Carter

The Burn with Ben Newman - Andy Dane Carter

Real estate expert, Andy Dane Carter opens up about the Burn in his life that has helped him achieve such a great level of success!

Full Interview with Andy Dane Carter and Ben Newman

Andy Dane Carter:     We lived out of a cooler, and we had like this little ass apartment on the wrong side of the tracks, if you want to call it, and I just knew — like, I watched my mom struggle.  I watched people around me in the neighborhood struggle.

Ben Newman: Your word, my word, we connect people to their why, their purpose, the things that motivate them, but I want to know the burn.  And, to me, it’s like the burn that’s in your heart, you’re going deeper. Like, where does it actually come from for you to say this is why I played football, this is why I did these things, this is why I’m connecting people to real estate and visions?  So, what I want to know from you, like not what success you’ve had, like the adversity, the challenge, where does the burn come from for you, the burn in your heart?

Andy Dane Carter:     It’s very simple.  So, for me, it was way back when I was four years old.  My parents split.  I didn’t really know what was going on.  We moved back to Long Beach.  We had nothing.  I was raised by a single mom, and my little brother — I almost get choked up even talking about it.  We lived out of a cooler, and we had like this little ass apartment on the wrong side of the tracks, if you want to call it, and I just knew — like, I watched my mom struggle.  I watched people around me in the neighborhood struggle.  Everybody was renters.  I just knew that if I wanted anything, I was gonna have to work my face off.  So, at 12 years old, I started working and I never looked back.  I knew that I could push harder than anybody else, ‘cause no one’s gonna really — no one really had my back; it was only me.  I had to grow up really, really, really fast.  I wouldn’t change that drive for anything on earth.  I moved that drive into sports, very successful, because I knew I was going up against rich kids that had all the coaches, all the money, and I beat them every single time, because you can’t take that grit from me.  You can’t take where I came from from me.  It’s impossible.  It’s in there.

And then, I get a little older and I had kids.  Forget it.  Like, when I held my son, it was over.  I knew the empire was already getting built; it was go.  I shifted my entire business around my family, not the other way around.  I leave work late and I come home — I’m home 3:00 every single day, because my little kids are only little for so long.  My burn is to help people understand that this whole thing with real estate is possible.  You don’t have to be second and third generation renter.  There is so many tools we have.  If you’re poor, and you’re broke, and listening to this right now, you do not have to continue on that path.  My burn is very, very deep and very, very real.

Ben Newman: I appreciate you getting real, because I’m one of those dudes that cry when I watch extreme home makeovers.

Andy Dane Carter:     I cry almost every day.  Like, I’m okay with tears.

Ben Newman: There’s so much, and this is — when we were on the phone even chatting about spending the time together and me coming out to LA, like I think about my mother’s story, right?  So, like you were touched by your mom; I’m touched by my mom.  I was selling hot dogs at 13.  I wake up at 3:00 in the morning, because of the sacrifice of knowing, like when I hear the pitter-patter of my kids feet at 6, like I better be there locked in, as much as I travel, to be making them breakfast, watching TV with them, getting them dressed, taking them to school, right, because we can’t get that time back.

Andy Dane Carter:     That’s right.

Ben Newman: So, I think for everybody, I hope what they pulled from you is it’s not all the success that you’ve had, it’s not the number of followers that you have on Instagram, it’s that for you it’s that burn in your heart.  And for everybody listening, it’s you connect to your burn in your heart, and it’s amazing what you can accomplish.

Andy Dane Carter:     When you connect to your burn, nothing else matters.  Nothing.  I don’t care how much money you have; you can take it all tomorrow.  My burn will get it back.  That’s it over and over again.


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