The Best of Season 2

Highlights from the Burn Podcast season 2!

Each year we like to create a roundup episode of some of the best moments from throughout the year. Each episode is very special to me and hopefully some of these excerpts we pulled for the roundup episode will inspire YOU to go back and watch some of the episodes YOU might have missed this year.

Among all the challenge and obstacles I want to thank each and every guest that took the time to sit down with me (pre-covid) or jump on Zoom to share their Burn on the show.

We are ramping up for a season 3 starting in 2021, who would YOU like to see on the show?

Stay safe and keep fighting one day at a time 👊🏼

Guests in order:

Aeneas Williams

Jon Gordon

Mawi Asgedom

Nate Boyer

Danny Morel

Easton Stick

Lavonte David

Chaunte Lowe

Rebekah Gregory

Antonio Neves

Paul Foster

Brian Roberts

Matt Tetrault

Jordan Montgomery

Cuonzo Martin

Brandin Cooks

Jason Sanders and Matthew Haack

Rob Victor

Dr. Bhrett McCabe

John Ruhlin

Evie Fatz

Austin Hatch

Aaron Golub

Dylan Slattery

Rory Vaden

Armon Watts

Xavier Mckinney

Trevon Diggs

Shyheim Carter

Mack Wilson

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