“I can’t tell you how many times I refer to this book (YOUR Mental Toughness Playbook) every day when I’m going through the daily grind. I’ve been blessed to have the author Ben Newman as my friend, motivational and spiritual leader.”

Jonas Gray / Running Back New England Patriots Super Bowl Champion

“The Passion for the Process and Trust presentation Ben gave our 4-time National Championship football team was right on the money and was timed perfectly as we begin to head into Spring football and we continue to build on our great tradition. His energy and enthusiasm was felt throughout the entire room. Our work outs now end with ‘Max Effort….Pays Off’.”

Chris Klieman / Head Football Coach North Dakota State University 4-time defending FCS National Champions

“Ben’s passion, his presentation skills and most importantly simple and real life stories that everyone can relate too, create the most powerful and emotional moments that produce passion and “can do attitude’. We (the entire leadership team) still talk among our teams about points that Ben made during his speech, everyone gets it and everyone feels motivated to ‘fight the good fight’ as Ben would say it.”

Sasa Jaramaz / Director of Operations Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis

“The energy and enthusiasm for life in the room was was off the charts during Ben’s presentation. The LEGACY and mental toughness message that was delivered inspired all of us to strive for our potential as we prepare together for the next chapter of our Creighton Basketball program.”

Steve Merfeld / Creighton Basketball Assistant to Head Coach

“Ben, you had more than a few of us in tears. We laughed, we cried. It was the most trans-formative meeting of Leadership for Change ever. It was the first standing ovation ever! Your words gave us the opportunity to appreciate ourselves, each other, the mission that brings us together and the difference we make.”

Elaine Ullian / President & CEO Boston Medical Center

“Ben, your talk was a life changer! The athletes that you talked to at the University of Iowa were blown away from your amazing presentation. Even by being a swimmer, I was able to relate to every story that you told. I AM AN 19.22 SPRINT FREESTYLER! Thanks again and hope to see you again soon.”

Brian Donatelli / Men’s Swim Team The University of Iowa

“Ben has a fantastic message. The emphasis of working hard on the process and MAXIMUM EFFORT hit home with Wolves Football. His positive, high-energy attitude is contagious and inspiring.”

Tom Dosch / Head Football Coach Northern State University

“Ben Newman is truly inspiring, knowledgeable, giving and energetic. He believes in what he says, he believes in who he is saying it to and he wants any and everyone to reach their highest potential. I would cherish an opportunity to have him come back some day and cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone wanting to improve their current energy situation. I would like to end this simply, he is really good at what he does!”

Tom Billeter / Head Basketball Coach Augustana College

“I re-read “Own Your Success” before the Xterra Triathlon World Championship on 10.27.2014 and I am convinced the mental component is what brought HUGE success at the race. I went from not qualifying last year to coming in 4th!!! 4th IN THE WORLD in my age group!!!!! It was magical. The beauty is knowing I couldn’t have pushed harder mentally or physically that day and having an unbelievable result.”

Jeanine Snyder / Triathlete and Financial Advisor Boulder, CO

“Thanks for being a part of making Top 20. Prizefighter Days make it Happen.”

Armen Khadiwala / Managing Director Top 20 Advisor for a Fortune 100 Financial Firm, Denver, CO

“As a speaker, Ben Newman is outstanding. He is inspirational and he delivers concrete takeaways for greatness.”

Dr. Jason Selk / World Renowned Sports Psychologis Best-selling Author of “10 Minute Toughness” & “Executive Toughness”

“As a professional speaker I have shared the platform with hundreds of speakers. Never have I felt as moved, compelled to act, and prepared to move forward with actionable lessons than with Ben Newman. His conviction is contagious and his message is trans-formative.”

John O’Leary / President & CEO Rising-Above.com

“You touched our souls with your presentation! Thank you for sharing your story and for inspiring us to “go do something great” and also for reminding us to look at what we are fighting for. Your message was contagious and made a difference to our customers. Most importantly, your inspirational message got each and every one of us to take action and take a stand for our lives. We thank you for your contribution.”

Tracy Ring / VP of Sales Australian Gold, LLC

“Your strong attitude and message of “bring it on”, make the most of each day , was heard loudly… I believe you should retell that story as often as you can and remind all of us that Life is tough but when given the right opportunity you have got to fight hard to make it happen.”

William S Koch, CLU, ChFC / Managing Partner – Jacksonville, FL Fortune 500 Financial Firm

“Ben’s message is one of courage. It is refreshing to see a speaker be vulnerable and give the audience some day-to-day takeaways they can put into practice and change their lives forever.”

Mark E. Kull / Financial Advisor – Louisville, KY Fortune 500 Financial Firm

“Ben delivered for our group in big way. I was tremendously impressed with the way Ben connected on and off stage. He was approachable, interested and engaged with our group. He is not your typical fly in fly out speaker with a list of demands and zero personal investment beyond the speech itself. His speaking style and authentic message really resonated with our people. I would highly recommend Ben Newman for your next event.”

John Kane / Vice President Vector Marketing International

“I met Ben back in March, 2009. I knew instantly that he was a sincere man with a passion for excellence and had the mind of a champion. At first we were acquaintances through our company and then became friends. After Boot Camp, Ben is now an advocate who I look to for guidance and advice and I rely on to help continue my growth. He has helped me to think bigger and attain 3 year goals in 3 months. I admire his ability to lead people through example and the energy he brings to the table. He has the sincere desire to help people reach their unrealized potential.”

Matthew Missimer / Financial Representative Philadelphia, PA

“Boot Camp was epic! It was a great balance of education and self improvement as it pertains to your life and business. I made relationships that will last forever. It was truly a five star event!”

Brad Ernst / One of the Country’s Top Financial Advisors Jacksonville, FL

“This Boot Camp is top notch: first class, bar none. It changed my life, my business, and my overall mentality with the everyday successes and struggles. This will benefit a young rep, or a veteran who is trying to reach new levels. Ben Newman has put together a great thing that shouldn’t be overlooked or bypassed. It will hands down be one of the best things you can do for your business and yourself.”

Rob Victor / Financial Advisor Greenville, SC

“Own Your Success” is a wonderful book with a great message. Any reader will come away after reading it with a greater passion for life and a better sense of how to grow during the journey that we’re all on.”

John Schlifske / Chief Executive Officer Northwestern Mutual

“I firmly believe that we are where we are in life because of our choices. Being great is also a choice and it helps if there are resources that would help us understand the process that causes one to be great. Well now you have it! Own Your Success is one of those resources. Read it and it will help you release your potential.”

Aeneas Williams / Future NFL Hall-of-Fame Cornerback 14 year NFL Veteran and 8 time Pro-bowler

“Ben Newman, thank you for writing this FANTASTIC book! “Own YOUR Success” is a truly remarkable book. Being a mother, wife, and business professional my days can be unexpected and full of surprises and I have to adapt quickly as problems occur, as does Pierce in “Own YOUR Success“. Pierce navigates through his journey to find himself again to be the father, husband and CEO he once was and longs for again…it is inspiring and hopeful. This is a book that will be with my family for generations, as there are many great lessons to be learned by all!”

Katherine Forrester / One of the Top Wealth Management Advisors in the United States Fox News Correspondent

“This book really touched me. I believe it will cause you to reflect upon and honor the heroes of your past and inspire you to create your future.”

Jon Gordon / Author of The Energy Bus and Training Camp The Jon Gordon Companies, Inc.

“Fight the Good Fight is a must read. It’s a belly punch of inspiration and creativity. You will go 12 rounds with this book and along the way you will be reminded of the importance of family, perseverance, and solid procedural habits in our lives. If you implement only part of what this book offers, you will live a happier and more successful life.”

Rudy Telscher / Managing Partner, Harness Dickey & Pierce Lead Counsel in CBC v. Major League Baseball

“Ben Newman’s passion is contagious, and his conviction is quite powerful. His book Pocket Truths for Success is a must read. The takeaways are clear and your purpose for everyday life will be uncovered more intentionally through his truths.”

Tait Cruse / Managing Partner – Texas Financial Group – Dallas Top Financial Institution

“Ben’s Principles help our producers keep striving for goal achievement even on their toughest days.”

Michael T. Fleming, CLU, ChFc / General Manager & Financial Advisor Mass Mutual Financial Group

“Pocket Principles for the Insurance Business is a must for everyone in the industry… The principles are simple to grasp and easy to implement.”

Jonathan Schoenberg, CFP / Financial Advisor New York Life Insurance Company