Surviving the Boston Marathon Bombing, Rebekah Gregory

In April 2013, two homemade bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Among those injured by the first bomb was Rebekah Gregory.

She had just minutes before placed her 5 year old son onto her feet so he could rest.

When the explosion happened 3 feet from her and her son, she shielded him taking all the shrapnel to her back, torso, legs, and left arm.

Her left leg was amputated and, even after 70 surgeries, her body still holds pieces of the bomb that nearly killed her.

This week on the Burn we sit down with Rebekah to not only hear the first hand experience of that tragic event, but the lessons and purpose that arose from what happened on that day.

She has embraced the pain and turned her experience into a platform to share her story to help people all over the world overcome their pain and turn it into their purpose.

New episode of #TheBurnPodcast is now live with @Rebekahmgregory



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