Surround Yourself with Great People and Keep Your Mind Filled with Positivity

I find in my life that it is beneficial to have a constant commitment to being the best that you can be each day. Two strategies that I have implemented that have made this easier in my life that I think will make it very easier for you is to constantly surround yourself with great people and continue reading great books.

There are two kinds of relationships we can have in our lives: There are advocates, and then there are adversaries. The simple definition of an advocate is somebody who when you say it, they believe it, they support you and they want to help you grow. An adversary is somebody who when you say it, they believe against it. We don’t have time in our lives for those people who don’t believe in us, who don’t want to support us, who don’t want to help us grow. It’s always so much easier to achieve goals when we can check our egos at the door, have great mentors, have great people that support us, and to have great teams. I know for me it’s those advocate relationships that give me more confidence in my ability to persevere and to grow.

In order to feel fulfilled and complete as the CEO of your life, personally and professionally, you have to have a great team. 2011 has been such a special year for me because I focused on putting the right team in place for my businesses. And what that has done for me is given me the confidence to know I have people that I trust. I have people that I enjoy being around. I have people who support me, I support them, we can then go out and make a difference in other people’s lives. Always surround yourself with advocates, those people that help you grow and support you.

I also heard from a mentor of mine way back to always read great books. This year has been a year for me where I have read book after book after book. I love reading. I enjoy filling my mind with great things and having a commitment to being a lifelong learner. There are many, many books that I read this year, but there are a handful of books that I wanted to share with you that I feel have made a big impact on my year and on my future and on how I will approach 2012 and beyond. Here is a list of books that I would strongly recommend that I think you may enjoy as well:

-The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
-The Seed by Jon Gordon
-Executive Toughness by Dr. Jason Selk
-Wooden by John Wooden
-The Go-Giver by Bob Burg & John David Mann

Surround yourself with great people, read great books and commit to excellence in 2012.

Go Do Great Things,


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