Retreat and Plan

There are so many studies that have been done, and a lot psychological research that has been completed on the importance of taking the time to actually plan on having a vision and on setting concrete goals. These are goals that you don’t just tell yourself, but you put them down on paper and share them with other people. There’s been research completed by Harvard, and research completed by top sports psychologists, psychologists on goal achievement, on excellence, and on goal setting. YOU CAN’T DISPUTE THE FACTS. GOAL SETTING AND VISION PLANNING IS EFFECTIVE!

Make sure that as you close out the year 2011, take some time for yourself. Take the opportunity to look back on the great things that have been accomplished in 2011. Also, be courageous enough to look for the areas where you can improve. Oftentimes it’s when we take a look at the areas where we can improve, and we have the courage to make change, that we uncover the opportunity for long term growth. That’s where the planning comes in for 2012. Don’t just focus on replicating the great things you did, but try to find ways that you can improve. Keep in mind; We never really fail in life. We just don’t always get the results that we want. None of us wake up and say, “I hope that I’m a loser today.” Most people wake up and they want to win every day. They want those daily victories. Commit to excellence next year, but as you commit to excellence, on your bridge to greatness for 2012, focus on those areas where you can improve, in addition to growing all of the things that you did great in 2011.

Take the time to plan. Take the time to celebrate. Take the time to retreat and plan to move forward, to give yourself the greatest possibility of being successful moving forward, so you can have an impact on other people’s lives. Take the time to create your Prizefighter Day. Your three objectives for you in your life, that if you can accomplish those three things that are activity based every day, you can have a daily victory each day. Remember to focus on your passion for the process of what you do, which ultimately, as the research shows, will create more significant results and impact.

I wish you many blessings for a happy and healthy holiday season.

Go Do Great Things,


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