Random Acts of Kindness and How They Can Transform Your Life

Welcome Back to “New Man, New Woman, New Week!”  I am fired up today to talk to you about Random Acts of Kindness.

That’s right, random acts of kindness, giving back, serving.  Quit worrying about the results and what’s going to happen for you.  Just get out there, love on other people, serve other people.

Now you know our concept, your prize fighter day.  If you haven’t known about your prize fighter day yet, go back.  It’s one of the first lessons that we taught during this series, “New Man, New Woman, New Week.”  You’ll love designing your prize fighter day.  It’ll get you fired up on your journey to focus on things that are personal and business related, but the third step, it’s about something you can do every single day that’s of service to somebody else.

So a lot of times, people will say to me, and I’ve been getting e-mails, “Well tell us what your prize fighter day is. What is your service to other people?”

You know what my service to other people is?

Random acts of kindness.

Now I really learned this lesson from a good friend of my named Arman; and Arman inspired me when I started doing some work with him, and I shared the concept of your prize fighter day.  Not only did a share it, he chose to embrace it in his life.  He went on as a managing director of a Fortune 100 financial firm to also lead that financial firm, in terms of results because of his passion for the process, top 20 in that company, and Arman shared something with me.

He said, “Thanks for being a part of Top 20, Prize Fighter Days make it happen.”  And I share that testimonial because of what he has done in my life because he embraced the prize fighter day.  See, when I shared that concept with him, he said, “You know what, this service one is great!  I’m gonna do a random act of kindness every single day.  And you know what Ben?  I am so fired up from what you’re sharing with me right now; when I hang up this telephone, I’m going to the grocery store, and I’m gonna buy a random person their groceries.”

You know what I say to that?

Ooh, baby!  That’s what I’m talking about! That’s bringing the fire in your life.  That is just serving other people.  That’s not about a result for him, that’s just giving it away in life.  So what can you do in your life to serve other people?  How have I adopted random acts of kindness?

So for those of you that keep emailing, what do you do?

How do you serve other people?

It’s random acts of kindness every single day.  And after I heard that from Arman, it was a couple weeks later, I go back and I serve as a volunteer assistant basketball coach for my old high school.  It is so much fun serving these kids and watching them grow and getting them to connect to their prize fighter days and max effort in their lives.  Well they were playing in the district championships, and it was a Tuesday night, this was right after Arman shared that he was buying a random person their groceries, I walk in to the little smoothie shop right down the street from the high school, and I walk into that smoothie shop, and I order my smoothie, and all of the sudden when I get done ordering the smoothie, the young girl hands me my smoothie, and I put out the $5 bill to pay for it, and then I thought to myself that I’m leaving another $5.  And I left an extra $5 bill.

And I told her, I said, “Hey, don’t tell anybody, I don’t need any recognition for this, but I said, just leave the extra $5 bill, and the next person that comes in, they get a free smoothie.”  And she says, “Are you serious?”  And I said, “Yeah, why not?  Let’s have fun with this!”

So I left my $5, left the extra $5, and I left.  I went to the basketball game.  Now I was kind of superstitious when I played basketball in high school.  So we won that night on that Tuesday.  So now it was Friday night and we were playing again.  I go back into the smoothie shop.  It’s the same girl working behind the counter, and she looks at me and goes, “Oh my gosh, it’s you, it’s you!”  And I said, “What did I do?”

And she says, “You’re the guy who left that extra money for the free smoothie.

The next girl who walked in, it was her birthday!  You bought her, her birthday smoothie.  She couldn’t get over it!”

You know sometimes, we don’t get to hear how those stories play out, but isn’t that crazy?  I ended up buying some girl her birthday smoothie.  So now every time I go into that smoothie shop, I buy an extra smoothie.

So could you buy an extra Starbucks for somebody?

Could you pay for somebody’s food somewhere?

What are the little things that you can do, the random acts of kindness?

Little handwritten notes complimenting people…what can you do in your life–random acts of kindness that will help other people savor the little things in their life that much more and will actually inspire them and empower them to go out and serve other people as well?  That’s immeasurable impact.  That’s what fires me up!

That’s why I love being with you every single week.  That’s why I love the people who follow us on Twitter @ContinuedFight.  That’s why I love all of our new subscribers, all the people sending messages, keep ‘em coming because it’s gonna light my fire on a whole ‘nother level.  You know I’m fired up to be with you every single week for “New Man, New Woman, New Week.”  Until next Monday, go do great things.

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