Passion for Your Process – Episode 2

Welcome to “New Man, New Woman, New Week.”  I’m Ben Newman, and I am crazy fired up today to talk to you about one of my favorite topics, Passion for the Process of what you do.

You see, we’re all naturally wired, and what we’re taught from when we’re growing up as little kids, focus on those results that you can’t control.  Imagine if you were to choose to focus on those results that you can’t control.  Imagine if you were to choose to focus on your passion for the process of what you did every single day.  Imagine if there was a tool that existed that would give you a greater probability of your dreams becoming reality.

I’m a big believer that the most highly successful people, they drive their daily behaviors.  This is not normal at all.  It’s learned behavior, and I know when we start talking about new behaviors, and we start talking about change and passion for the process, what has a tendency to happen is that some fear sets in.

We want to resist the change.

Some of our weaknesses become vulnerable, and we start to question ourselves.

In July of 2008, Harvard Business Review wrote an article.

They did this incredible research, and they mention that all individuals that go through change experience turmoil, even when the change is positive.  They didn’t say 2 out of 10, not 3 out of 10, not 7 out of 10, ALL people that experience change will go through some sort of turmoil, even when it’s positive.

Now we’ve seen this passion for the process, this new focus, changing the state of mind, be so significant for people in their lives, it has driven incredible success.

See the difference is that we all need to have vision, right?

But the difference that rather than focusing on the vision, it’s grabbing that vision, putting it right in front of your face, and identifying the activities that give you the greatest probability of achieving the vision.  See so once you’ve looked up onto that canvas of your imagination and you’ve painted this incredible vision, it’s about identifying the things that you can control every single day, the activities that will drive the results.  We’ve seen some incredible examples.

There’s one in particular a leader of a Fortune 100 financial firm who not only was leading his office to do great things, but he went on to finish Top 20 for his impact on other people in the entire company.

We’ve seen this work with high school teachers and coaches as they lead their teams and they lead their selves and they lead their families.

We’ve also seen it with professional athletes.

An individual who was undrafted to go into the NFL who got focused on his passion for the process to become 1 of 1,952 men in the world that now have an NFL contract.  You see the difference is focusing on what great people do and you choosing greatness in your life by identifying your passion for the process.

So here comes your prize fighter day, it’s easy.

Identify three things that you can do every single day.

  1. The first one, something personal, something that makes you feel good.  Is it eating nutritious foods?  Is it getting in a workout?  Is it being present and focused with your family and your loved ones and your friends?
  2. Choosing to do something that’s business related?  If it’s in sales, is it the number of times that you’ve dialed the telephone as opposed to how much revenue you generate in a day.  See the difference in the thinking is to take a look at the days when you generated the most revenue and what did the work look like leading up to those days?  Repeat the behaviors over and over and over again.  That’s what successful people do.
  3. And then the third, my favorite, choose something that you can do to serve other people every single day.  Imagine a world where we all had random acts of kindness every single day.  The next time you go to Starbucks, leave a little extra money so that the person behind you can have a free coffee, a free surprise, a free gift.  What can you choose to do?  Maybe it’s handwritten thank you notes that can be left.

You see, these are simple things we are talking about.  It all stems to your daily choices, and if the most highly successful people drive their daily behaviors, can you drive your daily behaviors in your life by identifying what you get fired up about.

What lights that internal fire for you so you can have passion for the process of what you do in your life?  And what ends up happening?  Things become so much more certain personally, professionally, financially.  There is this increased certainty.  If awards and recognition are important to you, you’ll have more awards and recognition.  If more impact on other people is important, you’ll impact so many people.  If legacy is important to you, your legacy will be more significant.   Identify what you can do every single day to identify your passion for the process, your prize fighter day.

You know I’m fired up every single time we have this opportunity to be together.  Every Monday we’re gonna bring it to you.  “New Man, New Woman, New Week,” go do great things.

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