LEGACY – Psychological Sales Trigger #7

No one wants to get to the end of their life and be remembered for all the things they thought about doing. We want to be remembered for things we actually did that made a difference. When we connect with something that is bigger than we are, with our true purpose, we accomplish great things. That is legacy.

Wouldn’t it be great if part of your own legacy was helping others find theirs? Whatever you do that you are passionate about can inspire others to find their passion.

This is about your opportunity to leave your footprint in the sands of time. Help your prospects understand that. If you can help your clients connect to their own legacies, you will give them a terrific incentive to continue working with you.

The legacy of a CEO who makes great decision after great decision is the company he leaves in a better place than when he started, one that continues to thrive and grow even after he’s gone. The same is true for a parent. Setting a good example through actions, not just words, teaches your children to do the same when they become adults. Building a legacy means working hard for something you believe in and truly giving it your best every day, focusing on the process and not the result. So whether you’re the CEO of a company or an amazing mom, it’s about your desire to leave that legacy, to leave your footprints in the sands of time, to truly make a difference.

And always remember what my mother, Janet Fishman Newman, told me. It’s not how long you live, it’s how you choose to live your life. Set out to give every day your very best and leave a dynamic legacy in the world and in the lives of the people that you touch every single day.

Go Do Great Things,


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