Immeasurable Impact

“Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained
by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.”

~Martin Luther King Jr

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day…a National Holiday celebrating this great man and all he accomplished for our country and the world. I cannot help but wonder if during his too short a life, he ever really understood how influential his work would continue to be for generations to come? While it’s safe to say he was always thinking about end goals, one would imagine that with such a huge uphill battle on his shoulders, he had to be equally passionate about the process of the movement…the day to day work that had to be done.

Research has proven that by focusing on the activities that can lead to results, you have a higher probability of success. Most generally think that you have to stay focused on the goal, the carrot, but research has actually proven that in order to be a result maker, it is more important to focus on the passion for the process of what you do MORE than the end result!

Over time, when you focus on the passion for the process more significant results often follow and you have the opportunity to become a leader. You can create the opportunity to have influence. Take your God given talents and give yourself the greatest chance of being successful. Establish a belief in yourself by honoring a commitment to yourself to select daily activities that are based around the passion for the process of what you do.

I have always tried to focus on making an immeasurable impact, by not worrying about the results, just focusing on my passion and trying to make a difference with others. This hasn’t always come easy. Yet enough ups and downs shows that the passion for the process yields a better long term result then dwelling on the obstacles. Often times, you may say something, you may do something to help somebody and never know the true difference you’ve made.

In different areas and on different scales, let’s all try to do the same kind of altruistic work in making a difference that Martin Luther King Jr. did. Regardless of the intended outcome and lack of ability to measure the impact, it will have been a life well spent with a ripple effect we may never know the true breadth of.

Go Do Great Things!

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