Ego is I. Team is We.

Most business people understand the concept of leverage in a financial sense. Leverage, however is about more than money. It is about making the best use of your time and talents by trusting the people around you, rather than micromanaging.

Have you ever done something you could have delegated because you were afraid “it wouldn’t be done correctly” and it was “faster and easier to do it yourself”? That comes from a results-driven mentality.

When you micromanage, you marginalize the people you should be counting on.

You see results as a direct reflection of you––of your worth, of your abilities, of your achievements. Success becomes tied to your ego.

Ego is I.

How Would Your Life Change if You Removed Ego?

One of the most highly respected organizations on earth is the Navy SEALS.

Long before SEAL Team Six became known for taking out Osama bin Laden, the SEALS were regarded as the best of the best. And yet, you never see an individual member of the SEALS standing up and taking personal credit for a mission.

It’s all about the team.

Team is we, about US

The Navy SEALS are known for being highly trained to do battle in all areas, and among their most important traits are courage and integrity. Not even on the list is glory. They don’t serve for thanks, or money, or recognition. They serve because it is their passion and their honor.

Creating a great team does not mean there is no leadership – all great teams need leaders. And great leaders understand that the way to develop broader, deeper, sustainable success is by forging a team that is motivated by a common passion. That means choosing the right people, training them well, giving them the proper tools, and then trusting them to do what needs to be done.

Whether your team is made up of your staff, your co-workers, or your spouse and kids, the key is acting with courage and integrity and inspiring them to do the same. Make a point to appreciate all people and the selfless acts and sacrifices they make every day.

May God Bless our troops who are the face of freedom of this incredible country. THANK YOU for the ultimate sacrifice you make to serve our country and provide our freedom..

Keep fighting the good fight!

Go Do Great Things,

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