Dylan Slattery, 1% Chance is All You Need

I want YOU to meet Dylan Slattery.  Most people at age 22 are thinking about graduating college, their first full-time job, and making plans for next weekend.  The year Dylan turned 22, he was battling depression, diagnosed with melanoma for the first time, and was involved in a car accident in which he lost a high school classmate and friend.  Just when things could not seem to get any worse, the cancer returned at age 23, but this time it was stage four with three tumors in the spine, as well as the neck, liver and lung. The odds were against him, less than 15% of cure.  Through it all, Dylan kept fighting, and followed his passion for the game of baseball and coaching. This included assisting his high-school alma mater, to three straight State Championship appearances and two state titles, before taking his talents to umpiring. He soon found himself calling balls and strikes on the Field of Dreams with the likes of Ozzie Smith, Reggie Jackson, Johnny Bench.  By embracing the adversity and rediscovering his faith, Dylan discovered his calling: helping others overcome the anxiety and limiting beliefs that have been holding them back and unleashing the person they were meant to be.  After surviving cancer twice before the age of 27 and losing 60 pounds since being taken off of treatments in 2017.  Dylan now hosts a weekly podcast to share the inspiring stories of faith, grit and personal growth to spread hope and empower resilience in the face of adversity.  Whether it’s on the air or on stage, Dylan leads others to “Be the cure” and live an inspired life of meaning and passion with his unique perspective on life.   @stagefour2onstage #theburnpodcast   Thank you for watching this episode of #TheBURN where Performance Coach, Ben Newman gets up close and personal with some of the world’s peak performers.

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