Dreams Become Reality! Singapore 2012

When is the last time that you dreamed big? When is the last time that you dreamed that you could grab your future and bring it to today and see the things that you thought were possible, and then you went to your daily actions in order to give yourself the highest probability of those dreams coming true?

Oftentimes, people pray for things to happen! It is so incredibly important to have your connection with God. But as I once heard my friend and pastor, Aeneas Williams, “you can’t just pray; you have to go to work.” So always remember when we have these conversations on vision and planning, that after you set your plan, you have to come back to the daily activities and go to work.

Recently, one of my dreams came true to become an International speaker. For the last several years, every single morning as part of my legacy statement, I had said to myself that I would become an international speaker. The first opportunity to do so, I had to turn down. I was offered an opportunity to do a multi-city tour in China for a very large sum of money. But I turned it down because that opportunity was to take place two weeks before my daughter, Kennedy Rose, was to be born. I turned down that opportunity because there was no possible way that I was going to lose the opportunity to be here for my daughter’s birth, or if God forbid, something were to have gone wrong with the delivery, had I not been here, it would have been terrible. And I realized that your priorities have to be straight; family comes first, and the opportunities would come again.

I continued to vision every single day, and to read that legacy statement, over and over and over, each and every morning. And finally this year, two weeks ago, the dream became reality. As the plane touched down in Singapore for the 12th Annual Sales Congress for the Financial Advisors Association of Singapore, my heart began to beat as the dream had come true. My wife, Ami and I experienced the most gracious hosts in this unbelievable country.

Not only did they welcome me and not only did they hire me to speak, but they encouraged me to bring Ami as well. AMAZING how much they care about people. Singapore is truly an incredible country of people, a country of vision, a country that is currently having great strength in terms of their financial markets.

We tried new foods. We met so many new people, so many new relationships. We went to all of the shopping districts. What an amazing place. At one point in time, it would feel like you were in Las Vegas, and then the next part of town, you would feel like you were shopping in New York City, and then you would be in ancient Chinatown. You would see the great Buddhist temples, and then you would go to Little India, and you would see the beautiful architecture of the Indian temples. It was an absolutely incredible experience. So much culture and so many incredible people.

So not only did the dream come true, to speak, and we had an incredible time at the sales congress. I met great leaders from all of the insurance and financial companies in Singapore. And the speaking was really a lot of fun, people were laughing and people were crying. The feedback was great and they want me to return in April for a two week tour in Malaysia and to visit the Philippines and to come back and do another engagement for another financial association in Singapore. But beyond the speaking and beyond the impact, when you couple that with the new relationships and the new friends, it truly was a dream come true.

So for you, as you read through this blog, what is your next dream? What is your vision? Have the courage to grab your future and bring it to today, and identify the things that you can do each and every day, to not only just think about the vision or to pray for that vision, but to put yourself in position to allow those dreams to become reality.

Don’t stop fighting. Have the courage, have the perseverance, have the desire to take action and be willing to fight to make a difference.

Go Do Great Things!

Ben Newman

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