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Living YOUR Hall of Fame Life | Aeneas Williams, Pastor, Husband, Father, NFL Hall of Famer

FACTS vs TRUTH Theres a difference, Aeneas proved that. NFL Hall of Fame cornerback, Aeneas Williams walked on as a Junior in college. That same coach that gave him the opportunity to play, told him that he couldn’t play in the pro’s because of his speed. The FACTS told him that. It wasn’t a hunch, […]

YOUR Purpose Will Overcome YOUR Pain | Jamie Mushlin, Trainer and Fitness Expert

EVERYONE HAS TWO CHOICES Each of us will come across adversity… Some sort of challenge And you will have to decide Will YOU give up or push forward Jamie Mushlin pushes forward, as hard as humanly possible. He runs @redfitnesslounge and has been my trainer for over 10 years. This week on The Burn we […]

Three Lessons from Kobe Bryant | Special Edition Episode

*the video version of this can be found over on our Youtube This week’s Burn episode had to be something special. The impact of the tragic loss of Kobe has been felt all around the world. The LEGACY that his man has left behind is powerful beyond measure. Although I never got to interview […]