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Boston Strong

We, as Americans, have all come together once again to support one of our cities that has been assaulted by terrorism. Once again, Americans have risen up and with power, perseverance and resiliency the city of Boston has shown the world that we can choose how we respond to hatred and violence. When we respond […]

Ensuring a Legacy

One of the major highpoints for any speaker is being invited back for an encore presentation, so I was thrilled to be asked to return to Eagle Communications recently, having spoken there in 2010. I remember that first trip very well for a number of reasons. First, due to a terrible thunderstorm, my plane circled […]

RQ vs. EQ and How You Can Win in Sales

The most successful salespeople (in any industry) understand that selling has two important components. The first is the relationship between the salesperson and the client/prospect. The second is the information about the product or service that allows the client/prospect to make an informed purchase decision.   Success comes from understanding how the Relationship Quotient (RQ) […]

Ben Newman Talks About What it Means to Be Authentic

Recently, I had an incredible experience at a mini mental toughness Boot Camp in Denver that made me think about what it means to be authentic. This is an idea that gets talked about a lot these days, but when you experience it for yourself, the difference between being disconnected and being fully, honestly engaged […]

Focusing on Maximum Effort Earned This High School a Championship

What is your vision for the coming year? Is it clear? This year has been incredible for me because I’ve had the opportunity to work with the boys’ basketball team at my alma mater, Ladue High School. At the beginning of the year I worked with the team on mental toughness training and gave the […]