6 Steps to Achieve Greatness in YOUR Business in 2012

I recently had the opportunity to read, learn and be greatly impacted by from a book by Brendon Burchard. As a result of the impact he had on me through his writing and his videos, I thought it incredibly important to take the opportunity to share some of my learning. I am consistently trying to find ways that I can help individuals grow, to increase their sales and revenue, and to increase their impact. At the end of the day, having the opportunity to grow and to maintain a successful business is tough. It takes having a passion for the activity and having a commitment to being the best that you can be every single day.

There were six key points that Brendon shared in regards to building a business, around what he called your Workstream, which is your opportunity through activity, to make a difference, be the best that you can be, and to grow your business. Here are the following six main points.

1. Target your Customer

It is incredibly important to understand that in your business, you can’t be everything to everybody. Target your customer. What is your niche? Take the time to research and to plan and to be the best that you can be in your niche. Differentiate yourself from others. Understand how to be the best that you can be by knowing the actual customer or client that you’re targeting.

2. Understand Buying Behavior and the Competition

In regard to buying behaviors, here are a few question to ponder. What is it that individuals you’re selling to are looking for? What are their buying behaviors? At what point in time will they buy more? Is the sale an emotional sale? Is the sale solely driven by bottom-line profits or by another key factor? What is it that makes the individual buy?
In addition, it is so important to understand, who is your competition? If you don’t understand who your competition is, how can you grow?

One important point here. Once you understand who your competition is, always take the high road. Never bash your competition. Understand that quality business is done when you have a mutual respect for other individuals that do what you do. Never bring down other people in order to try to bring yourself up.

However, it is important to understand the difference between you and your competition. Be respectful, be knowledgeable, focus on being an educator and you will distance yourself from the competition.

3. Determine Client Key Value Level

What does the client want to know? What are they willing to pay the highest price for? Understand and determine the client key value level. Understand the answer to this question, and you’ll win more, make a bigger difference, and make a bigger sale. Also make a difference by asking questions that differentiate you from what the client is used to. Use power word such as YOU, EDUCATE and HELP. Show the client how much you care and position yourself as the expert.

4. Build a Relevant Brand

Who are you and what value do you represent? Take the time to answer that question.
Understand, what is your brand? What is the difference between you and the competition? Who are you and what do you represent? What life changing knowledge do you share?

Have you taken the time to educate yourself to understand and to position yourself as an expert, as an authority, as an individual that can make a difference. Make sure that you are constantly focusing on putting the client’s wants and needs first. What life changing knowledge do you share? It is critical to understand the answer to that question.

5. Create a Product or a Program

If you don’t have a product yet, identify something that enables your passion to shine. Having a passion for what you do and sell will enable you to WIN more. If you already have an amazing product, what is a program that you can create based around that product in order to increase sales, bring greater value and bring excitement and passion to the client that wants to do more business with you.

6. Build infrastructure to Operate and Sell

It is so incredibly important to have infrastructure, to have a team and to believe enough in yourself that you’re willing to leverage to others. My new book that will be coming out later this year, “Sacrifice for Greatness”, shares the valuable lesson and importance of trusting others. Truly become the CEO of your life and have a willingness to trust in the greatness of yourself and others. We can always achieve more when we work with other people rather than trying to do it all by ourselves. Build your infrastructure so that you can operate and sell at a greater level.

Thank you, Brendon, for the impact that you have had on me. You’ve helped me increase my knowledge base so that I can improve. You’ve helped me continue to have a major belief in infrastructure, to operate and to sell. I appreciate so much your information and your commitment to making others better.

Here we are starting 2012…take a couple steps back and have a willingness to change those areas where you can improve. Nothing great ever happens on the fence of indecision.

Where can YOU make a difference?

Now is your chance, there’s never been a better opportunity than now!

Go Do Great Things!

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