12 Year Old Racing Phenom Elliot Cox, Going Pro, F4 Cars, and starting his own charity | Elliot Cox

Elliot’s Charity: www.drivingfordyslexia.org  12 Year Old Elliot Cox has set his sights on a big prize  To become the youngest Indy 500 winner.  He has won over 100 races, 9 championships, and raced for Team USA all by the age of 12.  HOWEVER…  What impresses me the most about this young man is his poise, heart, and respect.  He is wise beyond his years and I cannot wait for you all to hear our entire conversation.  Not only is Eli doing big things on the track, but he has created a non-profit foundation called Driving For Dyslexia.  You can see the entire episode over on our YouTube Channel.  Make sure you turn on notifications for our channel so you can be notified when we post new episodes.  @ec_51

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